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L&D Must Change

Jul 10, 2024

Online training can be better than in person training. Are you a believer? Or are you thinking that will never be true? Today's guest is none other than online learning pioneer and virtual training hero, Kassy LaBorie who is a firm believer that online training is equal to and can be better than in person training.

Of course, the trajectory of online and virtual training shot up after the COVID pandemic and associated lockdowns. We all realized that online learning can be engaging and efficient. It can help to scale and save us time and money. But many of us still think of it as "less than" in person training. Kassy wants us to shift our thinking. She shares how with some practical takeaways. 

Listen in on my conversation with Kassy to learn more about: 

  • How Kassy got started as a virtual training pioneer
  • Stopping ourselves from putting up blockers that online training is "less than" before we explore how it could be "better than" in person
  • How tech is cool, but people are cooler
  • The difficulties that come with learning something new
  • Challenges that come with working remotely, even for a pro
  • The story of a chocolate maker who adapted and created a "better than" offering online
  • Practical steps to start creating your own "better than" online learning experience

Kassy LaBorie is the founder and principal consultant at Kassy LaBorie Consulting, LLC. She is a professional speaker, author, facilitator, and instructional designer who specializes in virtual engagement for learning and development professionals and business owners who get to use web conferencing technology to connect with people around the globe. 

In her previous role at Dale Carnegie & Associates, she was the director of virtual training services, a corporate consultancy that partnered with organizations to help them develop, design, and deliver successful online training strategies. Kassy also served as the product design architect responsible for developing the company’s live online training product and experience, leading a team that built a $4 million dollar business in 4 years.

Kassy is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and the co-author of two books about engaging online (see links below). 

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