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L&D Must Change

Apr 2, 2024

It's Episode 1 of the L&D Must Change podcast and we are starting off with a bang! Today we welcome talent development leader, author, speaker, and Back to the Future aficionado JD Dillon to talk about shifting our L&D mindsets to creatively match the needs of the people in our businesses. In many ways, we need to get out of our own way and move away from our own legacy thinking. 

You'll hear:

  • The math problem that makes up our biggest challenge in L&D today and why it can no longer be addressed with traditional tactics. 
  • How we need to shift our mindset from that of providing traditional learning solutions to one where we are doing what is needed to help everyone in the organization do their best.
  • When we, in L&D, get in our own way and create our own barriers.  
  • How L&D should start by using the tools, tactics, and technologies that are already easily available to people as they do their jobs. 
  • The necessity of L&D to have strong cross-functional partnerships in order to help people do their best work.
  • The need for L&D to proactively understand how work and businesses will transform via emerging tech. 
  • How to start shifting perceptions of L&D by helping with minor issues, establishing a bottom-up approach.
  • And most importantly, how L&D can and should act more like Alfred and less like Batman (copyright Warner Brothers). 

JD Dillon is a veteran talent development leader, internationally recognized author and speaker and dedicated Back to the Future aficionado. Over the past 20 years, he's led operations and L&D teams at Disney, Kaplan and AMC. Today, JD advises organizations around the world on learning and enablement strategies as Axonify’s Chief Learning Architect and Founder and Principal at LearnGeek. He’s also never ridden a bicycle.

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