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Girls Talk Healthy Aging

May 21, 2024


Join co-hosts Alli Kerr and Shawna Kaminski on this intimate and inspiring episode of the Girls Talk Healthy Aging Podcast as they pull back the curtain on a typical day in their lives. This episode is all about the real-life routines, challenges, and triumphs that shape their journey towards healthy aging.


Shawna dives into her commitment to doing hard things, including her invigorating routine of ice baths, which she swears by for a rejuvenating boost. Meanwhile, Alli prefers the cozy warmth of a sauna, steering clear of anything cold. Discover how these contrasting preferences highlight their unique approaches to wellness.


Alli shares her daily rituals, from her nutritious protein shake to working out with her husband. She candidly admits that even as a trainer, she sometimes feels exhausted and unmotivated to exercise. This revelation is a refreshing reminder that it's okay to just do what you can, even if it’s a shorter workout than planned. Life changes have impacted Alli’s routine, but she remains dedicated to her resistance training.


Shawna opens up about her love for strength training, a constant in her life even when things get hectic. She talks about facing the cold, dark Canadian winters and how she copes with them. Despite the chilly weather, Shawna swims twice a week and enjoys Olympic weightlifting sessions, now guided by her daughter. At 61, she appreciates the importance of more rest days and the joy of learning new skills.


Beyond fitness, Shawna describes her transition to a fully online business, which has given her a semi-retired lifestyle with a flexible schedule. This shift has brought her immense satisfaction and freedom. On weekends, she delights in cooking for her family, a new passion she’s developed despite being a novice.


Conversely, Alli’s culinary adventures are still a work in progress. Managing Crohn’s Disease, she eats to survive and aspires to improve her cooking skills in the future. For now, it’s not a priority, but she shares her honest journey with listeners.


Tune in to this episode to get to know Alli and Shawna better, and be inspired by their authentic stories of navigating the ups and downs of healthy aging. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just starting out, their insights will motivate you to embrace your own journey with grace and resilience.


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