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Girls Talk Healthy Aging

May 14, 2024

Join hosts Shawna Kaminski and Alli Kerr as they sit down with Amy Boone Thompson, the dynamic Owner and CEO of IDEA Healthy & Fitness Association. With a career steeped in the health and fitness industry, Amy's journey from Personal Trainer to Fitness Manager of Health Clubs to General Manager of IDEA to Owner/CEO of IDEA Health & Fitness Association is a testament to her resilience and determination.


In this episode, Amy discusses navigating the challenges of the fitness industry, particularly during the upheaval of the pandemic. No other industry was hit harder than the fitness industry. And Amy was at the forefront through it all. From leading IDEA through turbulent times to seizing the opportunity to purchase the company in 2022, Amy's leadership shines through.


Listeners will learn more about the upcoming IDEA World Conference, the largest global event for fitness professionals. With over 300 sessions and a diverse expo, IDEA World promises to be an enriching experience for fitness enthusiasts from over 80 countries.


Listeners will gain insight into the importance of education for fitness professionals and the value of hiring knowledgeable coaches over online apps or someone who just looks fit and works out. Amy emphasizes the need for a personal connection and accountability in achieving health goals, highlighting the pitfalls of relying solely on online advice.


Amy also delves into the future of fitness, advocating for a holistic approach that encompasses mental health and overall well-being. She shares her vision for IDEA, emphasizing the importance of continuous improvement and adaptation to meet the evolving needs of clients.


Tune in to this enlightening episode of Girls Talk Healthy Aging and unlock the secrets to a healthier, happier you. Plus, don't forget to check out the show notes for an exclusive discount code for the IDEA World Conference courtesy of Amy Boone Thompson.


**Episode Highlights:**

- Amy's journey from General Manager to CEO of IDEA

- The importance of education and hiring qualified fitness professionals

- Insights into upcoming IDEA events and the prestigious IDEA World

- The future of fitness: a holistic approach to health and well-being

- Avoiding common fitness mistakes and embracing gradual lifestyle changes

- Lessons learned from Amy's athletic background and leadership philosophy


More about IDEA:


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More About Amy Boone Thompson:


Amy Boone Thompson is the owner and chief executive officer of IDEA Health & Fitness Association, and is a three-decade career fitness professional, wellness

advocate and business leader.


Amy was named the 2019 IDEA Fitness Leader of the Year before she took over as

vice president and later acquired the company to become CEO and owner. In 2023,

Amy was honored as a 2023 Stevie Award recipient for “Women in Industry”, an

award that recognizes dynamic women business leaders who have demonstrated

significant contributions to their field.


She has served on numerous industry committees and currently sits on the California

Fitness Alliance Advisory Council. Amy is currently serving as Vice Chair of the

World Active Federation to work alongside the World Health Organization in uniting

global efforts to promote physical activity.


Amy fully embodies her tagline, “Fitness is my Business;” and is always

seeking to empower and elevate others while co-creating global change.



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