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Girls Talk Healthy Aging

Jun 11, 2024

You have seen her as @homebodytrainer on Instagram. Today we are learning about the person behind the persona. We welcome the incredible Teresa Burkett, a 64-year-old social media sensation known for her transformative brand, Silver is the New Strong. Teresa captivates her audience by portraying two characters: one that embodies her youthful perception of an elderly woman and the other, her true self—a vibrant, fit, and healthy powerhouse defying the norms of aging.


Teresa's journey to fitness is nothing short of remarkable. She shares how she transitioned from a smoker with no athletic background to a fitness enthusiast inspired by her desire to be healthier for her children. Her path started with simple walks and evolved into a passion for cardio step aerobics and various fitness classes. After a divorce, encouragement from her gym community led her to become a personal trainer and, eventually, a figure competitor at the age of 51.


Discover how a chance encounter with a bodybuilder transformed Teresa’s approach to fitness, teaching her how to build muscle and train effectively. She delved deeper into training and nutrition to get stronger and leaner. Her dedication and hard work paid off, leading to a viral social media post, "Abs of Steel at 62," which garnered over 59 million views and catapulted her into the spotlight as a full-time influencer.


Throughout the episode, Teresa delves deep into her diet, supplements, and exercise regimen, sharing valuable insights on managing macronutrients and tracking food. She emphasizes the mental and physical benefits of strength training and candidly discusses daily challenges with arthritis and morning stiffness.


Join Alli, Shawna, and Teresa for an empowering conversation that underscores the message: you’re never too old and it’s never too late to transform your health. Tune in to be inspired by Teresa's story of resilience, strength, and the belief that age is truly a state of mind.


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