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Berner Phone

Apr 29, 2020

Nick Viall explains feeling misunderstood, being a sex symbol, having 10 siblings, Peter Pan syndrome, being a worrier, his first season edit, not believing in soulmates, growing up religious, his passion for potato chips, and the time he slid into Olivia Munn’s DMs. Special offer for listeners get 10% off your first...

Apr 22, 2020

Ian discovered he was weird and chats about toxic masculinity, ghosting therapists, being a closeted half homosexual, his boner origin story, cruising, sex addiction, why he cut his long hair, and opening for Dave Attell.

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Apr 21, 2020

Hannah’s Mom joins to give unprofessional advice and very strong opinions on the demons you guys are dealing with. Email if you're going through hell or in a pickle!--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. this podcast:

Apr 15, 2020

You've seen him on Comedy Central, Conan, Fallon and today, Matthew Broussard comes to hell! He chats to Hannah about how they hung out with Caroline Calloway the first night they met, the art of judging roast battles, how he fell in love with his girlfriend who lived in a different state, and being a good looking...

Apr 8, 2020

Comedian Andrea Allan discusses going full goth, having sex in public, being a love addict, animal transformation fetishes, being subservient in bed, dating a narcissist, and much more.

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