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Berner Phone

Jun 25, 2021

I'm jealous that he met Lance Bass but I'll get past that. He's blown up on TikTok for being open about anxiety in the workplace. He's hilarious, probably because he was bullied as a kid, and is open about his mental health journey to find his passion and ultimately become his own boss.--- Support this podcast:

Jun 17, 2021

She's sexy, hilarious, and makes whoreible decisions that she discusses in depth with Hannah in hell! WeezyWTF talks about being in a throuple, getting a tv show, golden showers, being bisexual, and so much more.


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Jun 10, 2021

This is one of my favorite interviews, hands down. She discusses her extremely hard upbringing and how her alter ego was created. She also gives her secrets to success, confidence, love, and happiness. --- Support this podcast:

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Jun 4, 2021

Rosebud is a hysterical comedian whose intensely personal, dry, and remorselessly dark brand of humor makes her one of my favorite comics to watch. She opens up about breakups, insecurities, getting benched as a cheerleader, and explains why love is like a fart.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way...