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Berner Phone

Dec 29, 2023

The dialers are hoping for some big changes in 2024 - new personalities, breaking bad habits, and changing the way they date. for free breakfast! free shipping with code BERN

Dec 21, 2023

The little dialers have some wild bucket list items that involve sex, fights, and therapy. 

Dec 14, 2023

This week we are discovering new life hacks. They range from masturbating, public bathrooms, matching your socks, to being cringe and feeling free. 

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Dec 7, 2023

Secrets are being revealed…there are age gap relationships, people cheating, and happy endings being given. Plus, Hannah made a mistake on Cameo.

Nov 30, 2023

The dialers are getting things off their chest this week. They have some serious grievances about airports, pestering shy people, and getting sober. 

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