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Fur Real with Mark Kyle

Oct 31, 2023

Has your beloved pet mysteriously slipped through the back door, leaving you in a state of panic? We've got a solution you might not have considered, and it's all business in this episode.

Meet Bonnie Hale, a Certified Missing Animal Response Technician, who will walk you through an alternative approach to finding your lost pet. There's no need for theatrics here, just straightforward advice to help you in your time of need.

Tune in as we explore a practical strategy for locating your furry friend. Bonnie's experience and knowledge will provide you with a calm and sensible path toward reuniting with your missing pet. Say goodbye to anxiety and hello to solid, dependable guidance on pet recovery. Discover the option you didn't know you had." πŸΎπŸ”




Speical thanks to J Jig Cicero @jjigcicero for our music intro and rock!!!

Special thanks to Jake Olson for awesome sound editing

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