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Fur Real with Mark Kyle

Nov 21, 2023

Acupuncture???...yes, you read it right..... Acupuncture for really works......wait to you hear some of their stories... they are informative and a bit funny... Humans have pain clinics...and guess what? There are pain clinics for our best friends!!!!!

So why not give them some these choices???

It is all about options and in todays episode,, both leaders in their field, Dr. Brian Voynick and Dr. Rob Landry go into great detail about some new options you may not have even known about...

Tune in .... there is a lot to learn... and both of these experts have a lot to tell us.


Speical thanks to J Jig Cicero @jjigcicero for our music intro and rock!!!

Special thanks to Jake Olson for awesome sound editing

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