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Apr 23, 2024

In yesterday’s reading, Joshua lead the people across the Jordan on dry ground, and they set up 12 stones in two places to be memorial reminders for the people of this miracle. All the men were circumcised, and the angel who is the commander of God's army revealed himself to Joshua.

In yesterday’s reading, I appreciated that the writer appealed to God based on the Lord’s ‘constant love’. Let’s continue the reading of Ps 69 with four verses appropriate to Jesus’ life. Note that verse 22 is quoted by Paul in Romans 11.

ACTS 21a:
Yesterday we heard Paul's speech to the Ephesian elders. The Holy Spirit had revealed to him that they would never see him again. He warned them to be faithful in shepherding the people and to watch out for false teaching. In Revelation 2 we find out that they did as Paul commanded, but in their zeal to protect from error, they forgot to be loving.

NLT Translation notes:
Ps. 69:30 Then I will praise [Your name, O God//God’s name] with singing,
and I will honor [You/him] with thanksgiving.
31 For this will please [You/the] LORD more than sacrificing cattle,
more than presenting a bull with its horns and hooves.
32 The humble will see their [You, O] God[,] at work and be glad.
Let all who seek [your help, O God//God’s help] be encouraged.
Acts 21:4 and 12 NLT has 'not go on' and I read 'not go'. My mistake! But many other translations do not have the word 'on' and I didn't see it both times.


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