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Missing Persons

Sep 23, 2023

Episode 81 Kenneth Ray Weaver


37 year-old Kenneth Ray Weaver, who went by Kenny, vanished in December 2000. He was last seen on Christmas Day, December 25th, when a friend dropped him off at another friend's home in Pocola, Oklahoma, a town that borders Fort Smith, Arkansas.

When he went missing, Kenny's family got the run around by police in both Arkansas and Oklahoma, and he wasn't officially reported missing for years, and when he finally was, he mysteriously kept popping into and out of the database of missing people.

During the time Kenny's family was fighting to keep his case in front of police, they did their own digging into his case and encountered several different troubling rumors about what happened to Kenny; all of them centering around being killed over a debt. 

Almost 23 years later, Kenny's family is still searching for answers. In this episode, Kenny's sister Becky discusses the frustrating & troubling aspects of Kenny's case.

When Kenny disappeared, he was 5'8, 165 pounds. He had Brown hair, and Blue eyes. He wore eyeglasses with gold wire frames and smoke-tinted lenses. He has a scar extending from the right side of his chin to his neck, and a one- to one-and-half inch surgical scar on his lower back near his spine.

Please contact one of the following with any information:

  • Pocola Police Department 918-436-2476
  • Crawford County Sheriff's Office 479-474-2261
  • Arkansas State Crime Laboratory 501-227-5747
  • Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation 580-298-5525

To learn more about the case, visit the Facebook page set up by Kenny's sister Becky 


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