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Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People

Apr 30, 2024

A local TV news producer talks with Gethard about telling local stories, connecting with her community, the changing news landscape, and how to stay human in a field that expects you to distance yourself from the people you’re covering.

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Apr 23, 2024

A signmaker calls to talk to Gethard about the novel she spent 35 years writing, tapping into life on the quantum level, and a whole lot of stuff we honestly aren’t sure we understand. It’s a fascinating call. Some of you are going to love this one. Some of you are going to feel like you stepped into a...

Apr 16, 2024

This week’s caller joins Gethard for a good ol’ fashioned chit-chat. From working in the restaurant industry, to recreational substance-fueled movie marathons, to getting your DnD numbers just right, this call is a laidback hang with a cool, fun person.

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Apr 9, 2024

This week, Gethard talks with a borehole geologist about his very unique career. He describes the perils of the job, like traveling 2000 feet underground into a mine with only one way out, the exciting parts of his career that most of us have never even thought about, and why he still gets jazzed about the same stuff...

Apr 2, 2024

A medieval recreator calls to talk with Gethard about their shared love for her city, meeting her husband while dressed in medieval garb, why what she does isn't reeanctment, and how today's politics manage to show up no matter how far back you travel in time. Plus, a whole lot more about falconry, heraldry, and...