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The Outlaw Dave Show

Nov 8, 2023

The Heathens take over Galveston Island during the 23rd Annual Lone Star Rally! During the week we hosted Rally Sponsors Houston Area Chevy Dealers and Miller Lite, put together a "Rally Parade" throughout the Rally grounds, crowned the new Miss Lone Star Rally, attended a high-end spirits tasting with Brodie Lane and Erskine Entertainment at the historic Tremont Hotel, gave away a motorcycle from the Lone Star Rally with Houston's Eagle, Attorney Brian White and Republic H-D. We broadcast from the Metzger Castle/Compund with the Deacons of Deadwood and Hendley Green with the Michael Lichter Invitational Bike Show with Dean & Rog + got crazy with Jennifer Tyler & Kelly Ryan. The Rally Unicorn handled our business, the Rock Goddess was in charge and without The Rinkle Institute of Wellness and Dr Jim I do not think any of us would have made it! Special Guests Ron and ray from Tilluride, Whistle Pig and Justin with Hemingway Fine Spirits plus April Presillio with Band Reb Jacobs. Shout out to the OGs Chris MF Nelson, Troll NW SJHR, Davenport Duane and the Penlands

Thanks to everyone and we'll see you next year.