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The Outlaw Dave Show

Sep 1, 2023

So many joined us as we raised much needed funds for the Stevens & Pruett Ranch at the Runaway Radio Reunion as we celebrated our humble narrator's return to "rock" radio at Houston's Eagle. Miss Rockwears Kelly Zahn, Karen Martin, Misty Marlow and Jennifer Reyna joined Locke Siebenhausen and Junior Mintz along with so many others from the glory days of KLOL 101 the home of the Radio Gawds. TeamOutlaw ran the event along with Carlos "Crazy Legs" Cantu and Michael Landry at the Voodoo Hut. Auction items and Ranch shirts raised tons of money and on the broadcast we caught up with Jennifer Reyna and Locke Siebenhausen. A brand new Uncle Otis was preceded by a phone in from Dr Jim of the Rinkle Institute of Wellness as Dave and Taylor the Rock Goddess now are on a "Heroes Journey to Health"

TeamOutlaw Ethan the Rally Unicorn, Glencoe and Austin our intern talked about the upcoming Lone Star Rally which has served as a fundraising vehicle for the Ranch for almost two decades and the excitement permeated the broadcast.

Thanks to our sponsors 911 Garage Door Service, Republic Harley-Davidson, Heritage Muay Thai, the Metzger Law Firm, G-Wraps Signs and Graphix, Beckwith's Car Care and The Rinkle Institute of Wellness