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Make it Plain

Oct 20, 2023

In this week's Black World News, Kehinde Andrews discusses the 14-year-old Black male being held in a headlock and tasered to the ground by a UK police officer and the problem with Black Employment Month aka Black History Month. 
In this week's guest interview, Kehinde Andrews talks with Abdul Alkalimat, Black Studies OG and professor emeritus of African American Studies about what is Black studies, his books “The History of Black Studies” (2021) and “The Future of Black Studies” (2022) the battle for Black Studies in the US and the UK, and Black students today and our future. 

Abdul Alkalimat (PhD University of Chicago) is one of the founders of the Black Studies movement, involved in the Black Radical Congress and Institute for the Black World, and a professor emeritus (retired) at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. He was one of three founders of the Organisation of Black American Culture (OBAC) and served as its first chairperson.
Outcry as shocking footage shows police tasering 14-year-old boy

The History of Black Studies by Abdul Alkalimat

The Future of Black Studies by Abdul Alkalimat

Black Studies

Abdul Alkalimat

The Ideology of Black Social Science

The Death of White Sociology by Joyce Ladner
Guest: Abdul Alkalimat
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