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Make it Plain

Sep 17, 2023

Kehinde Andrews talks with David Harewood live from a book launch event of Kehinde’s book “The Psychosis of Whiteness” (OUT NOW). They talk about David’s experience of psychosis, acting while Black, growing up in Whitenss, Black mental health & therapy, the psychosis of Whiteness, and more.

David Harewood is a top actor, director, and author of "Maybe I Don't Belong Here" his first book.
David Harewood: Psychosis and Me

Call to boycott Black hair stores after woman is assaulted

Maybe I Don't Belong Here

Kehinde Andrews Author of The New Age of Empire (Allen Lane),Kehinde%20Andrews,Author%20of%20The%20New%20Age%20of%20Empire%20(Allen%20Lane),-Kehinde%20Composite%3A%20Guardian

Guest: @davidharewood
Host: @kehindeandrews (IG) / @kehinde_andrews (T)
Podcast: @makeitplainorg
Psychosis of Whiteness Book Tour Dates
17 (Sun) with @bbbookfestival @Manchester City Library