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Make it Plain

Nov 3, 2023

In this week's Black World News, Kehinde Andrews discusses the "end" of Black Employment Month aka Black History Month, King Charles' unapologetically White speech during a recent state visit to Kenya, what is and isn't authentic reparatory justice, and the ongoing White psychosis of the British royal family.
In this week's guest interview, Kehinde Andrews talks with Nels Abbey. They discuss amongst many tings, his formative years in foster care and boarding school and his working years from asset banker to media exec. They also discuss, topical news including the current UK's most diverse yet most far-right government in history, Nel's new book out next year The Hip Hop MBA uses hip hop as a model for how we think about economics. his new event Uppity a monthly forum for discussing Black issues in Black communities with the first event The Trial of Dominique Samuels happening earlier this week at The Africa Centre. 
Nels Abbey is a former asset management banker turned public intellectual, medical executive, broadcaster, satirist, author of "Think Like A White Man: A Satirical Guide to Conquering the World . . . While Black" (2019) and The Hip Hop MBA: Lessons in Cut-Throat Capitalism from Rap’s Moguls (out spring 2024) and most recently founder of "Uppity: An Intellectual Playground For The Refined & The Boujee."
Guest: @nelsabbey (IG + T)
Host: @kehindeandrews (IG) @kehinde_andrews (T)
Podcast team: @makeitplainorg @weylandmck @inhisownterms @farafinmuso
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