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Make it Plain

Nov 17, 2023

In this week's Black World News, Kehinde Andrews discusses the MET police's nonsense claim that the use of the political term "coconut" is a hate crime following a MET tweet (since removed) in the form of a protest poster of Rishi "Rish" Sunak and Cruella Vader-man. He argues that terms of political critique like "coconut" and "coon," which point out agents of White Supremacy especially if they are Black and Brown aren't racist terms and slurs. We must continue to defend our history, language, political critique, and ultimately our Black political thought.  
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In this week's guest interview, Kehinde Andrews talks with Dr Kadian Pow about her part-autobiographical book "Stories of Black Female Identity in the Making: Queering the Love in Blackness." It looks at how different aspects of love have shaped Kadian's Black feminine identity, from family lessons to romantic love to love of Blackness and community. Using anecdata from early life to her 30s, tracing themes of feminism. They also discuss her teaching Black Studies, her Black-owned business, respectability politics, and her transition from being a former born-again Christian. 

Her new book also part-inspired a mini summit event next Saturday, November 25th at Birmingham City University (BCU Curzon Building, B4 7BD) called "Black Women & Undoing Sexual Shame" (18+), organized by Black Ballad, event tickets are available here (For support: if you're a BCU student email and if you need help email
Kadian is currently a lecturer in Sociology and Black Studies at Birmingham City University (BCU), where she teaches courses in both Sociology and Black Studies with Kehinde Andrews (and his former PhD student). Her interest includes Black feminism, intersectionality, TV and social media, the sociology of Black natural hair, sexuality, and queer studies. She's also the creator of Bourn Beautiful Naturals (BB Naturals), a Black-owned solution-based skincare company. 

Kehinde's tweet response to MET investigation call out for person holding "coconut" poster (MET tweet has been removed)

MIP tweet of poster

Kadian's Link Tree

Kadian's Black-owned company creation: Bourn Beautiful Naturals (BB Naturals)

Stories of Black Female Identity in the Making: Queering the Love in Blackness (Black Studies)

Mini Summit Black Ballad: Black Women & Undoing Sexual Shame - SAT NOV 25

Black Ballad (UK-based lifestyle platform that seeks to tell the human experience through eyes of Black British women)

Policing terms like House Negro insults Black political thought
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THE PSYCHOSIS OF WHITENESS: Surviving the Insanity of a Racist World
By Kehinde Andrews

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