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Aug 15, 2023

My first ever podcast guest is Laura Edralin.

Laura is a calligraphy artist and teacher, happiness facilitator and qualified wellbeing coach. Laura’s episode is all about mindful calligraphy.

We chatted about;

  • what calligraphy is
  • the benefits of learning this mindful practice of creative writing
  • how left handed people can take up calligraphy
  • how to use this mindful practice to find your calming flow, in the busyness of life – with just a pen!

I’ve attended a few of Laura’s online calligraphy sessions and loved them. I sign off relaxed and loved I was learning a new hobby at the same time.


Check out more on Laura using the links below

  1. Website
  2. Lettering Life Club
  3. Workshops and courses
  4. How calligraphy teaches us more than beautiful writing
  5. Free downloads


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