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Pregnancy Has Entered the Chat

May 2, 2024

Hannah Booker is a staff Registered Nurse at The Pregnancy Network. She’s been with us for four years and previously worked as a labor and delivery nurse. This month, she joins host Chloe Belk on Pregnancy Has Entered the Chat to discuss Preparing for Your Hospital Birth. 

Hannah’s compassion for women and desire to serve translates into her passion for nursing. With her experience working in labor and delivery, she provides an invaluable perspective to the women we serve on equipping themselves for their hospital births.

Discover Hannah’s insights on what to bring in your hospital bag, when to go to the hospital, and how to communicate your birth plan to your provider by listening to Hannah’s episode below.

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  • 1:33: What Should You Pack & What You Shouldn’t
  • 5:14: Breast Milk Pump; To Bring Or Not To Bring
  • 7:33: Heading To The Hospital
  • 9:16: Must-Know Hospital Pre-Registration Info
  • 11:33: Sharing Your Birth Plan
  • 14:40 Resources Available To  You
  • 17:30:  Valuable Encouragement

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