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Accelerating Excellence with James King

May 6, 2024

On today's episode we have Dr Ben Rosenblatt.


Ben famously led physical performance for the England men's football team. He has coached athletes to compete and medal at every Olympics since 2004. Ben was a key member of the GB hockey coaching team that won that famous gold out in Rio. 


Ben is also the founder of 292 Performance, a team of high performing coaches that provide individual support to high performing athletes across the Premier League and multiple other sports. He has a PhD and a research interest in maximizing training efficiency and effectiveness and has consulted with sports teams all over the planet. 


In this episode we're going to discuss how we design great practice that maximizes development trajectory. We're going to talk about lots of coaching techniques you can apply and of course we're going to discuss the characteristics of some of the world's most elite athletes that Ben's worked with. 


I hope you enjoy.



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