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Stray Pointers

Jun 7, 2024

Software engineer and Commodore computing enthusiast Bo Zimmerman joins the show to talk about his history with Commodore gear, BBSing, his other computing projects, and his website.

Bo's website: 

May 17, 2024

Angela Sylvaine makes a return appearance on the show.  We discuss her first novel, Frost Bite, as well as her newest book The Dead Spot : Stories of Lost Girls. 


Please visit Angela's page to order / pre-order her books:

Apr 27, 2024

Traci Gorman and Alicia Retzlaff join the show to discuss their own podcast ... The TechnoGals !

The TechnoGals site: 

The TechnoGals Spotify Podcast: 

The TechnoGals on LinkedIn: 


Apr 19, 2024

Long-time computing innovator Jim Brain joins the show to discuss his journey through electronics, Commodore computers, TRS-80 Color Computers, and the evolution of his company Retro Innovations.

The Retro Innovations Website

The Retro Innovations Store

The Retro...

Apr 6, 2024

Gunnar Gustafson walks us through the timeline of using web development tools such as JavaScript and React.js.  He touches on going to college at age 15 and his early front-end development with Flash / Actionscript.

Here are a couple of Gunnar's repos: