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Stray Pointers

Feb 21, 2024

Thomas Cherryhomes joins to the show to discuss FujiNet ... a series of add-on direct-connect devices for 80's era home computers that provides a number of extended Internet capabilities to those machines.

Thom's links: 

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Feb 14, 2024

Christine Seeman joins the show to discuss a variety of programming languages including Java, Ruby, and Go.  We also discuss her live international speaking events.



NDC London 2020 - 2FA Talk 


Feb 3, 2024

Rob Swindell, author and sysop of the MS-DOS and telnet versions of the Synchronet BBS joins us to discuss the genesis of the BBS, running his own BBS company, and the journey to an open source Internet version of Synchronet.

Rob's main site with links to source code repo's and his YouTube channel: