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99 Songs Ricca Loves from the 90s

Sep 29, 2023

🌿Two distinct rappers and a 🔥producer make Cypress Hill one of my favourite hip hop groups of all time!

There are so many great songs on their debut album, it’s hard to pick just one. But that’s what I did: Real Estate!


Plus: summer of 91 seemed to be a great time in my life for vibey hip hoppish/R&B music....

Sep 22, 2023

🎭🎸Sad But True… I’m you.

Metallica’s Black Album is one of the greatest of all time. My fave track is this song about human nature and the mask we all wear. It also features, of course, some bad ass guitar. 

Plus: What you talking about, Gerardo?


Sep 15, 2023

🚗🔔Motown + Philly = Got it going on!

Other Boyz II Men jams became more popular, but Motownphilly was my personal favourite.

Plus: What was the best (and worst) song to slow dance to in early 90s junior high? 🤔

Sep 8, 2023

🍆🍑Have you noticed that people are still having sex?

In episode 11 I recap the modern history of bumping uglies while remembering a forgotten classic 90s jam:

People Are Still Having Sex by LaTour!

Sep 1, 2023

🎸🕺🏼Rock guitars! Dance beats! Rapping!

Do you find this wonderous one-hit by EMF to be Unbelievable?

Or do you simply find it unbelievable that I find it unbelievable?