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99 Songs Ricca Loves from the 90s

Oct 27, 2023

🪝💸👶The baby and the fish hook are here! Put on your plaid shirt, you have now entered an ‘alternative’ universe. Nirvana obliterates hair metal and kickstarts the 90s.

Oct 20, 2023

🔫🌹🌧️⏳Is life a journey or a destination? November Rain is both.

The last 2:07 of this GnR classic is all time epic, but the time spent getting there drove teenage me to insanity.

Plus! R.E.M. doesn’t want me to listen to their happy song, but, unfortunately for them, I do what I want!

Oct 13, 2023

🌶️Dance like nobody’s watching!


Red Hot Chili Peppers found their perfect balance of funk, rock, and rap with 1991’s Blood Sugar Sex Magik. When singer Anthony Kiedis was gifted a jacket from his girlfriend’s closet, he had the idea for this timeless hook.


Plus! Donnie Wahlberg’s baby brother makes...

Oct 6, 2023

🎸✝️This is how you build a freaking song!

Examining the chugging, screeching, squealing awesomeness that is ‘Jesus Christ Pose’ by Soundgarden. Chris Cornell cannot be touched!

Plus: which song did my brother and I play so many times that it became synonymous with the very concept of repetition?