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99 Songs Ricca Loves from the 90s

Jan 26, 2024

🎸🌊🏙️Episode 31 now streaming! Underwhelmed by Sloan

Do I love this band? This song? Or do I just love the idea that Halifax could have been a low key Seattle? Does it matter?

Plus I listen to Creep whether Radiohead likes it or not and Wrecks n Effect endeavour to zoom a zoom zoom zoom in the boom boom. Or...

Jan 19, 2024

☀️Perhaps there’s no big band that remind me more of what it’s like to BE in a band than Sublime. This could be part of the reason I like them so much.

Plus: Snow licks your boom boom down and Snook Crowell signs Ryan Ross up to lip synch Annie Lennox’ Walking on Broken Glass at Red & Grey Day. 🤣

Jan 12, 2024

🤠💔Miley’s Dad grows the mother of all mullets and single-handedly makes line dancing cool. Zellers record store: Take My Money!


Plus: the Barenaked Ladies (who are neither naked nor ladies, discuss) never really knew Enid anyway.

Jan 5, 2024

🍀Pack it up, pack it in: the Irish rappers are here, and they’ve got more rhymes than the Bible’s got Psalms. It’s one of the all time bangers: Jump Around by House of Pain.

Plus: A Brooklyn rap crew bring the Diggity, while Seattle makes big butts cool.