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99 Songs Ricca Loves from the 90s

Feb 23, 2024

🔒🚗🏌️ Let Me OooooooooouuuuuuuuT!


Canada’s most celebrated rock band in the peak of their powers release a song about serial killers. 

Episode 35: Locked in the Trunk of a Car by the Tragically Hip now streaming.

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Feb 16, 2024

👧⛓️Who was REALLY the best of the “grunge” bands?

Episode 34 now streaming! Would? by Alice in Chains

Alice In Chains are the band of despair that alway makes me happy. The last 40 seconds of this song may well be my favourite 40 seconds in 90s music.

Plus: Plus: Stereo MCs get Connected, Prodigy get Out of...

Feb 9, 2024

🎸🕶️Critics didn’t like Stone Temple Pilots. I did. And still do. And this is MY podcast.

Episode 33 now streaming! Crackerman by Stone Temple Pilots.

Plus: Krisses be warming it up and Bobbys be humpin around. In both cases, I believe that’s what they were born to do.

Feb 2, 2024

🇸🇪Like the illegitimate love child of ABBA and Bob Marley, Ace of Base create beautifully harmonious reggae-tinged Swedish Euro-dance. Guilty pleasure? Nah, I don’t feel guilty at all.

Episode 32 now streaming! All That She Wants by Ace of Base

Plus: Jon Bon Jovi cuts his hair! (Some of it)