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Billion Dollar Record Club

Sep 29, 2023

Dave presents the album he loves to give to his buddies, allowing you the opportunity to buy it for your buddies and make them all rich.  

Sep 22, 2023

JD, Hunter, Steve, and David blow up the value of a hard rock album featuring a vocalist who would go on to become an adult contemporary legend.  

Sep 15, 2023

Hunter uncovers a band from Australia but sort of New Zealand that sort of shares his name. The value of the album increases a great deal. 

Sep 8, 2023

JD, David, Steve and Hunter successfully increase the value of an album by a recently deceased singer-songwriter. Cheeseburgs and margs abound. 

Sep 1, 2023

Steve finds the hidden value in an album by one of the world's cleanest cut singers, while David, Hunter, and JD find the hidden filth.