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Build Your Salon with Phil Jackson

Dec 27, 2022

Our precious salon software companies LOVE confusing us with too many reports! In this episode, @philjacksoncoach helps you figure out exactly what you should be measuring in your salon business.

Dec 20, 2022

A salon service guarantee can be a bit scary. Don't fret! Your Uncle @philjacksoncoach has got a few pointers to help you get this VERY important marketing pillar in place.

Dec 13, 2022

Salon retail is a fundamental pillar in salon business. or is it? @philjacksoncoach questions whether salons should retail at all, and drops his 3 tips on retailing if your results are currently zero. Find Phil on and at

Dec 5, 2022

A pricing masterclass with @philjacksoncoach and a welcome return to podcasting! Reach out with your feedback to Best links for Phil: