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Build Your Salon with Phil Jackson

Nov 28, 2016

YOUR COPY of my book - pay SHIPPING ONLY here: Hello and Welcome, and today I’m going to start with an apology because this is a subject that I’m really passionate about and I get really, really frustrated about and I’m talking about change in our Industry, and I think as an Industry we are really bad at bringing about and steering change. If you strip out all of the change that’s been imposed on us the way that we do business as Hair and Beauty Professionals has actually changed very little over the years. I think we’re missing out, we’re not steering the change so it happens to us. We can wait for changes to happen and react to them as best we can or we can steer the change. It’s time for us to take the reins. This is something that I talk about, because I think it’s the very survival of our Industry that is at stake here. So how do we go about implementing change in our businesses? Well the first thing to do is to recognise the change that’s going on around you. You’re going to come across these changes once you open your eyes to it. You need to start looking at the companies that are around you, and start bringing some of that business models into your Salon, to implement change and stay ahead of the curve. You’re not going to be able to do this in isolation; innovation is a team sport. You need to get your team behind it in bringing some ideas into your Salon as well, but also you need to build your network. What you need to do is get out of your Salon, firstly in your local area, join networking groups you’ll start to take the pulse of your local area. Also network with Professionals that are in your Industry but out of your area. You’re going to have to get out there, and start bringing some of that changes into your Salon. The joy of being a small business is that you can make changes continually. If this broadcast has been useful to you, please also remember to subscribe. I put content like this out every single Monday, and I would hate you to miss out on the stuff that I’m sharing. If you’ve already subscribed I will see you next week, take care.