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Build Your Salon with Phil Jackson

Dec 5, 2016

Hello and Welcome, and today I’m here to tell you that you need to concentrate on building your networks. Now networking can come across as slightly intimidating, particularly if you’re in the Hair and Beauty Industry, we seem to have a small confidence crisis. I’ve done lots of networking over the last few years, once you get past the very detail of what we do, we all have the same problems. I think there are three ways we should be building our networks for three very different reasons: We need to be building our Industry network. I’m always amazed whenever I go to an Industry event, of how few people actually put themselves out there and talk to other Salon Owners and Managers. It is reassuring to know that we’re all facing the same difficulties so get out there, find who you can rely on when times are hard. Our professional networks. It’s time to understand a little bit about what’s going on in the greater world of commerce. An important part of this can be networking events. Business networking is about starting to build a relationship that you can rely on in the future. We can get ideas from other industries to bring into our own Salons, the same as we can from other Salons. We need to invest in our personal network. We need to build personal connections so that we have support when times are tough. If you’ve got a sounding board which is valuable to your business absolutely capitalise on that relationship, but bear in mind if it’s a personal network that you’re building there has to be give and take as well. I hope that’s been useful to you, if it has don’t forget to subscribe I do a broadcast like this, every single Monday I would hate you to miss out on the content that I’m sharing. If you’ve already subscribed I will see you next week. Take care.