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Build Your Salon with Phil Jackson

Aug 7, 2018

In previous broadcasts, I've talked to you about how to motivate your team and recruit the best people to help grow your business. But this video will be different.  I'll talk more about how we can shift the focus and help you stay motivated. Motivation is one of the key aspects of succeeding in any kind of business. However, there may be instances that you may find it hard staying motivated. As a business owner it's only normal for you to face different challenges on a daily basis. This makes it even harder to stay energised and motivated. We've all had that experience where we lose focus due to the obstacles we're facing. Remember how it used to be? Do you remember all that energy you had when you were starting out?  That feeling of restlessness and excitement all packed in one?  And how you felt a surge of motivation going through you as if you're never going to get demotivated. In the beginning, it's only natural for you to be focused on growing your business. You were able to accomplish a lot of things at a very limited time.  Results were fast.  However, after being able to successfully stabilise the business, many encounter the problem of staying motivated. To be blunt, as an entrepreneur, it's important that you seek out motivation on a daily basis.  You need to constantly look for things and people that will inspire you.  Staying motivated as a business owner will not only help you become successful, it'll also help you grow your team.  In short, you have to keep at it against all odds. In this video, I give you about 3 things you can do to stay motivated as a business owner.  What's more, not only will these tips help you become motivated but will also help you power through tough situations.