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Lundin War Crimes Trial

May 21, 2024

The OMV Case and Rethinking CSR

Around the world, there are more and more cases involving companies' complicity in human rights abuses. In the Sudan operation, Lundin cooperated with two companies: Petronas of Malaysia and OMV from Austria. An Austrian NGO has just filed a complaint against OMV, accusing them of crimes in South Sudan together with Lundin. Much of the evidence presented in the complaint comes from the indictment against Lundin.

We have invited one of the lawyers who has helped prepare the case to give us the details of the process ahead. We will also discuss how legislation has changed and what effect this has on companies today. Are companies at greater risk of being prosecuted for operations today? And does this lead to multinational corporations taking more responsibility for the environmental and social effects of their operations?


  • Astrid Reisinger Coracini, Senior Lecturer and Researcher in International Law who also serves on the Advisory Board of CEHRI – the Vienna based Centre for the Enforcement of Human Rights International, which prepared the complaint against OMV together with the Dutch peace organization PAX.
  • Professor David Whyte, Director of the Centre for Climate Crime and Climate Justice at Queen Mary University of London. 


  • Halima Athumani

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