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Lundin War Crimes Trial

Aug 29, 2023

This is the Lundin War Crimes Trial, a podcast series produced by PAX and Global Idé about the case against the Swedish company Lundin, that has been charged with complicity in war crimes in South Sudan from 1999 to 2003.

Thousands of people were forced to leave their homes and an estimated 12 000 people lost their lives.

Can a Swedish court bring them justice?

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Who are we:
The European Coalition on Oil in Sudan (ECOS) was established in 2001, following a call from Sudanese churches and civil society to end the oil war. ECOS called upon oil companies to suspend their operations in Sudan until the war would be over and the conditions would allow that oil exploitation to benefitted the country. Between 2001 and 2012, ECOS represented over 50 European organisations and carried out research and advocacy on oil in Sudan on their behalf. The coalition produced a dozen studies and advocated with governments and the business sector to promote that Sudan’s oil wealth would contribute to peace and prosperity. One of them is Unpaid Debt.

When Sudan and South Sudan separated in 2011, the priorities of the members of ECOS shifted and ECOS gradually ceased to function. The Dutch peace movement PAX has since then followed the case closely together with the Swedish NGO and think tank Global Idé.

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