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Lundin War Crimes Trial

Dec 11, 2023

It's a Family Affair

Who are the men behind the Lundin oil consortium-  and what happened with the profit from the oil endeavors in Sudan? 

The Lundin family business has been handed over to the third generation as the company is trying to rebrand itself, focusing on green energy.

How will a conviction affect them and how do they deal with having “war crime” stuck to their name?

- Emanuel Sidea, Swedish journalist who has been reporting on the family since 2011.

- Phil Clarke, former executive director for Doctors Without Borders (Denmark) and author to the report Justifying Blood Money.

- Halima Athumani

This is the Lundin War Crimes Trial, that is brought to you by Pax and Global Idé. The music in this podcast is made by the artist JJ Kang and edited by Roos Boer, producer and editor Kajsa Sörman. Visit for more background and updates from the trial. There you may also listen to more interviews with victims and experts, read expert analysis, an interactive map of attacks in Lundin’s concession area and access background information about the case.