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Connecting With Purpose

Aug 29, 2023

A really insightful and engaging conversation with J.P. O’Brien, Founder and CEO of Black Lab Sports and Me Biosciences. Learn from JP how to build or invest in a business, on purpose. What works, what doesn’t. Start with “know thyself”. How to aspire, activate and enable “Thinker-Doers” to grow transformational businesses.

J.P.’s purpose is to “unleash the greatness of people around me”. We explore with J.P. the domains of human potential, the application of growth mindset, intentionality, impact all backed up with real-life examples. If you are an entrepreneur, founder or investor - don’t miss this!

Jean-Paul (JP) O’Brien, the CEO and Managing Director at Black Lab, is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and community builder. O'Brien is on a mission to inspire, activate, and hyper-enable scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, elite athletes, and creatives to design and build a beautiful future for all of humanity. Black Lab builds and invests in HumanTech ventures, with themes centered around Longevity, Consciousness, Community, and Environment.

J.P. is also Founder and CEO of Me Biosciences, Inc., a precision nutrition and human performance company, is President of Flywheel Project, a 501(c)3 education non-profit, is a Lead Mentor with Techstars, earned his B.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University, where he played D1 lacrosse and football, and on the weekends, he can be found playing lacrosse, skiing, and trail-running the foothills of Colorado.

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