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Connecting With Purpose

Aug 29, 2023

Question: What does being an SVP at NFP a 7,400 employee insurance and consultancy company, have to do with being a play-by-play commentator at Butler Bulldog’s Basketball Team?

Answer: Storytelling.

This was such a fun and entertaining conversation with Mark Minner, Senior Vice President at NFP. Storytelling is the basis for how he gets to know people, building authentic connections, engaging, entertaining, encouraging & impacting. Storytelling is the foundation of Mark’s approach to leadership, upon which he builds Focus, Freedom and Fun. Helping provide clarity to employees on where they are going, their goals, and what to focus on;  the freedom to perform as themselves, at their best, with the appropriate balance of challenge and support; the fun infused throughout because - well, we might as well have fun along the way.

Plenty to pull from this and infuse into your best-self leadership style!

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