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Connecting With Purpose

Aug 29, 2023

Geoff shares his view on transformational leadership. How it is grounded in purpose, inspired by vision and driven by belief. Learn about how Geoff has applied this approach in his role at multi-billion dollar J.M. Smucker company in addition to through his non-profit Opening Track sharing the power of music to thousands of deserving youth.

A transformational business leader with extensive experience and a proven track record of driving top and bottom-line growth. Geoff is passionate about harnessing a ‘Power of One’ mentality across multiple teams and organizations to deliver incredible brand experiences throughout every touch point of the commercial funnel.

Geoff Tanner, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer, defines his mission as championing, nurturing, and enabling every element of brand building and driving growth. To him, achieving this starts and ends with unleashing the passion, capabilities, agility and creativity of employees and strategic partners.

In his current role, Geoff oversees teams dedicated to supporting the consumer and customer experience across the commercial funnel. This includes Consumer Engagement, Innovation, Insights & Analytics, as well as the U.S. Retail Sales, Market Development and eCommerce organizations. He is responsible for ensuring the seamless integration of all teams focused on delivering world class products, marketing and sales experiences. A key element of the role is ‘stitching’ external agency partners to also support the ‘Power of One’ approach.

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