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LGBTQ History Alive! with Ronni and Kelly

Apr 1, 2024

In Episode 14 on Monday, April 1st, we meet Florida Judge Rand Hoch, who has served as Chairman of the Community Advisory Committee for the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections, Chairman Pro Tempore of the West Palm Beach Employment Practices Review Committee, and Vice Chair of Florida Stage. He has served on the National Board of Accredited Mediators of the American Mediation Association, the Florida Consumer Federation, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, the ACLU of Florida, the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators, the Florida Task Force, Compass Gay and Lesbian Community Center, and the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council, which he founded in 1988. Rand has also served on the Editorial Boards of The Florida Bar News and The Florida Bar Journal, as a member of the Palm Beach County Ethics Advisory Committee, and as a member of the Palm Beach County Cultural Council's Business Committee for Culture.

Listen to Judge Rand Hoch and to the stories of LGBTQ heroes of the week at Each episode shares what happened that week in LGBTQ history, interviews a guest who either made history or documented LGBTQ history, and presents a list of LGBTQ he-roes, she-roes, and they-roes with birthdays that week. It's free and it's fun! Go! Listen! Our fore-parents call us to remember!