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LGBTQ History Alive! with Ronni and Kelly

Mar 25, 2024

In Episode 13 on March 25th, we meet Rabbi Lisa Edwards, Ph.D. Rabbi Lisa has been a
Jewish lesbian activist from the pulpit, on the page and on the Web, in the classroom, and the
streets of Los Angeles for over two decades. From 1994 until 2019, she served as rabbi of Beth
Chayim Chadashim (BCC), “House of New Life,” the first synagogue in the world founded by
gays and lesbians [1972], and today is an LGBTQ inclusive, progressive, diverse community
celebrating Jewish faith and culture. Listen to Rabbi Lisa and to the stories of LGBTQ heroes of
the week at

Each episode shares what happened that week in LGBTQ history, interviews a guest who either
made history or documented LGBTQ history, and presents a list of LGBTQ he-roes, she-roes and
they-roes with birthdays that week. It's free and it's fun! Go! Listen! Our fore-parents call us to remember!