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Avant Gardeners

Mar 19, 2024

Plantlovers, let us welcome Sophia Kaplan to the microphone. What a bloody treat to interview Sophia about all things floristry, moving to Paris, Indoor plants, and what she's growing at her place.

Sophia's eponymous studio specialises in botanic set design for stills photography, floral styling for events, editorial and commercial projects. She's worked with an incredible lineup of brands including Louis Vuitton, Maison Balzac, Audi, Sydney Opera House and Mud Australia. 

She is the co-founder of Leaf Supply along with Lauren Camilleri and together they've written books including Leaf Supply, Plantopedia, Indoor Jungle and most recently, Bloom. 

But before we get into that chat, Emily and Maddie chat about poa, and a crowbar-type device and one of our favourite nurseries - Plants of Tasmania. We're cooking hot wet bread salad, aka baked tomatoes with capers, olives and croutons, from the book Community, by Hetty McKinnon.

We're drinking Wildflower's beer - specifically their River Fossil Farm blueberry beer.  This brewery is owned by Emily, her husband Chris, and the amazing Bernadette and Topher. If you're in Sydney, best you go visit their cellar door asap. Run don't walk. 

Find Sophia on Instagram here, Leaf Supply here, and Sophia's website here.