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Hawkeye Report Podcast

Jan 17, 2024

A very interesting podcast this week. Our good friend Tory Brecht joins us to talk about his recent columns on Iowa basketball and the lack of fan support. What are the root causes to the lack of support and what can be done to fix it? We have a lot of different theories. 

We dive into what we like about this Iowa basketball team and some of the very positive comments from Stephen Bardo this week about how connected this team is on the court in their play. We also discuss what record it would take for the Hawkeyes to reach the NCAA Tournament? 

Then we turn our attention to the never ending search for a new offensive coordinator. After not landing on Paul Chryst or Joe Philbin, who might Kirk Ferentz be looking at? Could he be eyeing an NFL coach? Does Kirk's past hires tell us the type of person that he will likely end up hiring? 

Finally we discuss the football coaching news of the day, rewarding the great Phil Parker and keeping a rising star in Seth Wallace on the coaching staff.