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Hawkeye Report Podcast

Apr 17, 2024

It's our 600th episode of the podcast and that means we have to get a big time guest. We are joined by the CEO of the Iowa Swarm, Brad Heinrichs and we have a wide ranging conversation on the transfer portal for the Iowa Hawkeyes in football and both men's and women's basketball. 

First we open with the portal being open in all three sports right now and how crazy it is for him during this time of year. We open our specific conversations by talking football and the surprise news of a player leaving the program on Tuesday and the scholarship situation for the Hawkeyes. What positions might they target in the portal this month? How could the Iowa Swarm help solve the football scholarship situation? 

Then we talk men's and women's basketball and the portal. What are the positions that both programs are targeting? What do we think of the numbers that are getting tossed around for players like Tony Perkins and how far off are they from the reality? Where do things stand for Lisa Bluder's club and when might they be adding a point guard to her roster?

Finally we engage in a long discussion about the Iowa Swarm and the wish list for their program and what they need financially. We also dive into what college athletics might look like in the relatively near future? Will students become employees? A salary cap for college football in the future? It's an interesting discussion .