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Hawkeye Report Podcast

Dec 4, 2023

The Hawkeyes fell to Michigan on Saturday night in the Big Ten title game. We open this edition of the Chuck Long Podcast discussing the result of the contest with the Iowa legend. Can you teach pocket awareness or are you just who you are when it comes to that area of the game? 

Then we talk about the match-up with Tennessee and their head coach Josh Heupel. Back in 2000, Long was the quarterback coach at Oklahoma and actually coached Heupel to a runner-up finish for the Heisman Trophy. He talks about how detail oriented he was as a player and why he is not surprised that Heupel has become a good coach. We also discuss the unique line splits that Tennessee will use and why they line up the way they do. 

Finally we talk about the bowl prep for Iowa and giving players time off and other getting more work in practice and also the decisions by the college football playoff committee and if they made the right call of Alabama ahead of Florida State.