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Dec 26, 2023

In this episode titled "Declaration of Dependence," Martha shares a sermon that she preached several years ago exploring the profound impact that prayer and fasting can have on our personal lives, families, and our nation.

We'll be discussing how to approach fasting with flexibility and understanding, and how to involve the entire family in this sacred practice, teaching our children the power of prayer.

She shares the different types of fasting, including a soul fast, which offers a retreat from life's distractions like TV and social media, allowing us to hear God's voice more clearly. You'll hear about her personal fasting journey, from partial to water-only fasts, with a focus on spiritual growth above all.

This message will help you to join in our 21 days of prayer and fasting to kickstart the year.

This episode isn't just about abstaining from food; it's about the triune nature of humans and how fasting can help our spirit, soul, and body operate in harmony.

Moreover, we'll talk about how vital it is to pray, fast, and declare blessings over the various challenges in our lives, from financial difficulties to family matters.

So, if you're ready to give God the first of your year and witness doors open that no one can close, then this is the episode for you. Whether you choose complete, partial, or Daniel fasting, let's walk this journey together and feed our spirits while taming the flesh. Get ready to be inspired and to believe in the supernatural power of prayer and fasting. Let's get started!


00:00 Declaration of independence through prayer and fasting.

03:36 Fasting is not about proving love to God.

08:23 Seeking God in 2018 leads to opportunities.

12:27 Types of fasts and potential challenges summarized.

13:38 Align body and spirit through prayer and fasting.

18:06 Soul fast: quiet the world, hear God.

22:13 Let go of idols, seek God's guidance.

24:41 Clear prayer, fasting, declaring blessing over trouble.

27:35 Seek guidance and wisdom through prayer.

32:05 Declared dependence on God, victory over enemies.


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