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Dec 4, 2023

In this episode, Martha discusses the four essential parts of our being as outlined in the Bible, emphasizing the importance of understanding and caring for our hearts, souls, minds, and bodies.

She teaches us how these parts can work for or against us, impacting our health and well-being. By exploring the significance of loving God with all of our being, Martha offers valuable insights into the interconnected nature of faith, self-care, and loving others.

Tune in to discover how aligning our four parts with God's guidance can lead to freedom and flourishing in every aspect of our lives.

00:00 Understanding the four parts of our being.

03:25 God made us complex, aim for freedom.

08:44 Emotional healing leads to forgiveness and compassion.

11:09 Adults can have temper tantrums, acting selfishly.

13:57 Intellectual pursuit should enhance reliance on God.

18:15 Gastric bypass surgery leads to emotional challenges.

20:49 God wants us to love ourselves and others.


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