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Hold your hat, here come 3 quick ways to boost engagement! 

If it feels like you’re posting all the time but crickets all the time in response, this is for you. 

These are quick and dirty ways to get more engagement, therefore grow your reach on social media and that potentially means grow your email list.

When you grow your email list, you have a better chance of launching more successful programs every time. 

If you’re not already growing your list every single day, with a juicy lead magnet - you know - the opt in they’ll trade their best email for then grab my Ultimate Freebie Guide. 

Yes, how meta is that? The freebie guide to freebie guides. But it’s easier now than ever with Chat gpt. If you know how to prompt and ask questions! 

Let’s dive into this short but effective list of 3 ways to boost engagement now.

  1. Use stories. 

If you continue to post reels and carousel posts and live videos or image posts and you know the post is good and helpful and hits on a topic your audience cares about and is looking for a solution to (and if not see my ultimate freebie!), then stories could be all you need. 

  1. Post about a life experience related to health, wellness or fitness that you’re going through. 

It could be mine- last week I had a tooth extracted. I chose a holistic dentist. So I talked about why and the difference. I talked about the trek to LA to have it done. I talked about the worry I did ahead of time and the outcome of the whole thing, from hours in the chair, the pain, what I was able to do after, how I prepared for healing and inactivity so I wouldn’t lose muscle. 

  1. Honor celebrated days, weeks and months or events

Make them personal. Last women’s history month, we’ve been blessed to see Caitlin Clark from the University of Iowa excel in basketball and change the game forever. She’s become a celebrated athlete, not just a women's basketball athlete, and all-time athlete. Because of that we’ve seen more female athletes and coaches highlighted that in the past take a backseat to men’s events. 


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