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Getting Weller Podcast

Dec 27, 2023

Where do you derive hope from?

Where do you derive happiness from?

Did you know in one relationship, you could the most fulfilled you've ever felt?

In this last episode of 2023, Dr. Eddie Weller tackles a hard topic: the relationship with yourself and the relationship with God. It doesn't matter if you believe in God,...

Dec 20, 2023

Do you judge people? 

Honestly, do you judge people by the clothes they wear, their actions, or by their behavior?

How do you feel when you see someone not dressed right for the occasion, or they show up with the wrong attitude?

In this episode, Dr. Eddie Weller goes into depth with a story about a young girl and...

Dec 14, 2023

Do you have a weekly routine?

Do you know how to create an experience for others using the gifts that you have?

DO you how to get in SHAPE in 7 days?

In this episode, Dr. Eddie Weller talks about his acronym, SHAPE, and is how you get in shape in 7 days. Shape is, Spirituality, Humbleness, Ability, Personality, and...

Dec 6, 2023

Have you ever had to make hard choices? Of course you have! We all have.

Did those choices change your life for the better or for worse?

Are you afraid of change or do you embrace change?

In this episode, Dr. Eddie Weller talks about making those tough choices and then embracing the change that comes along with it....

Nov 29, 2023

Do you have faith? I mean, really have faith?

When life gets hard, do you just want to hide under a blanket? Or do you take the challenge head on?

Some people have little faith, and some people have a lot of faith. Then there are those with the boldness of hope who go through every single trial and tribulation, every...