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Pale Blue Pod

Jun 17, 2024

Aphelion = furthest point from the Sun, and Corinne and Moiya are here to tell you what to expect in the sky during our solar separation. Plus they play a game of summer would-you-rather! 


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About Us

Pale Blue Pod is an astronomy podcast for people who are overwhelmed by the universe but want to be its friend. Astrophysicist Dr. Moiya McTier and comedian Corinne Caputo demystify space one topic at a time with open eyes, open arms, and open mouths (from so much laughing and jaw-dropping). By the end of each episode, the cosmos will feel a little less “ahhh too scary” and a lot more “ohhh, so cool!” New episodes every Monday.

Pale Blue Pod is a member of the Multitude Collective.